Liz Whittaker
1944 - 2015

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The Bardic Monk

The Bardic Monk

When Henry II of England, in thrall to tales of King Arthur, travels to a remote corner of Wales to meet with a shrouded monk of no name, he is hoping to trace the final resting place of his hero ancestor King Arthur. In this fascinating tale, as mythical in its telling as any Arthurian legend, once the King has the knowledge he needs from the Bardic Monk, he sends his envoy Walter Map to Glastonbury. Under the King’s command Map meets and comes to know the monk with no name, and to recognise that the Bardic Monks, one of whom might have been Saint Caradog whose tomb is in St David's Cathedral, could well have carried the knowledge of King Arthur’s grave, for centuries. Together he and his friend Gerald of Wales witness the exhumation of the ‘Once and Future King’ and the mystery surrounding it.

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A Court in Splendour by Liz Whittaker. A story of the first Eisteddfod
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'I suppose I cannot blame the author for the fact that I stayed up too late reading the first fifty pages before I could turn off the light but I do love the book, find it compelling and lyrical, wonderfully immersed in a sense of place and time.'
Richard Cook.

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‘For as long as man can remember the Princes and Lords of Wales have offered patronage to those with the gift of contriving poetry and making music. It has ever been a unique characteristic of the high born in Wales, to recognise the value of the bard and to bring him into his home, to his table, and there to allow him to entertain and delight his audience. Thus have histories been created, battles won and lost, reputations made and destroyed, lovers divided and united, and all through the arts of those few gifted men whose words and music allow for ordinary mortals to transcend life’s hard and pressing realities and wander in the realms of the mind, the heart and the spirit, if only for a brief illumined spell.’

Told through the imagined voices of those present, this story of Christmas at Cardigan Castle in 1176 offers an unforgettable insight into the court of the Lord Rhys ap Gruffudd, Prince, Warrior, and King’s Judiciary; whilst also capturing the excitement and thrills of the First Eisteddfod and the characters whose lives were a part of the birth of one of the Welsh nation’s greatest prizes – the Bardic Chair.

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